Vera Brezhnev published the Nude photos of sister in a bikini

Вера Брежнева обнародовала откровенное фото сестры в бикини The singer shared a snapshot from vacation. Vera Brezhnev and Victoria Galushka sunbathing on a yacht. Members of the artist was appreciated by the figures of women and noted that they are very similar to each other.
Вера Брежнева обнародовала откровенное фото сестры в бикини

In July, Vera Brezhneva enjoy holidays in hot countries. Family celebrity chose a trip to Italy where now stands the great weather. The pop star and her family admire the beautiful scenery as well as entertain yourself with tours and boat trips.

Before Faith and her sister Victoria took a ride on the boat. The actress decided to share a candid picture in a social network. Pictured is the cousin of the singer smiling and looks very happy. Fans said that the figure of Dumplings in black bikini admirable, because recently she again became a mother.

By the way, “StarHit” first reported that Victoria was pregnant for the third time from husband Alexander Tsekalo. However, the addition to the family, neither the woman nor her husband are not officially reported. Celebrity prefer to keep secret personal life, so fans have only to guess who was born to the couple.

Fans Brezhneva admire the beauty of the sisters and say that they are very similar to each other. “At first I thought that the two faiths sit”, “Doll”, “You are the most beautiful,” “Two angels”, “Adorable”, “Similar. Delicate, light,” wrote the social network users.

Вера Брежнева обнародовала откровенное фото сестры в бикини

We will remind that Victoria Galushka Alexander Tsekalo met many years ago in Kiev. For a long time none of the relatives of the girl suspected that she had an affair with the popular showman. The younger sister of the actress worked as an assistant stylist and was a non-public person.

“Sister came home with stories. I learned that Vika and Sasha had the sympathy, only two weeks after they met. But it is their personal story,” said Faith in an interview.

In 2008, Alexander and Victoria were married, and in the fall they had a daughter Sasha. In 2012, the couple had a son, Michael. Star shield the children from the increased attention from the media so seldom take the heirs to high-profile events. Alexander Tsekalo brought into the light of a matured daughter

“Eldest daughter a pair of Sasha’s in school, and the youngest son Misha is only 4 years old, but he already feels, and reads. The kids have been asked from parents, brother or sister,” – said “StarHit” a friend of the couple Igor when it became known about the interesting position of Victoria.