Valery Kipelov shocked by the talent of Daniel Pluzhnikov

Валерий Кипелов потрясен талантом Данилы Плужникова The musician said that the winner of “the Voice” did a great job with his song. Valery Kipelov spoke about the dual attitude to the fact that children often sing childish songs. “But I believe that Daniel felt the song “I’m free”, – said the leader of the band “Aria”.

      Валерий Кипелов потрясен талантом Данилы Плужникова

      Late Friday night the whole country was rooting for the finalists of the third season of the popular project of the First channel “Voice. Children”. Well, on Saturday, the young participants of the project were the guests of the program Andrei Malakhov’s “Tonight”. Among them was 14-year-old Daniel Pluzhnikov, who became the real winner of the show. The young singer, who performed in the finale of “the Voice” the song of Valeriy Kipelov “I’m free” and filled it with new meaning, received the most votes of the viewers.

      Declared the winner of the show “the Voice. Children”

      “Why did you choose this composition?” – began communicating with Danilo Andrei Malakhov. “I liked it from childhood,” said the winner of the show “the Voice. Children”. – Beautiful music and words with deep meaning”.

      As it turns out, author and first performer of the song “I’m free” rocker Valery Kipelov, too, before I watched the final show of “the Voice. Children” and, by his own admission, was shocked at how his complex composition felt, in fact, still a child Daniel Pluzhnikov.

      Валерий Кипелов потрясен талантом Данилы Плужникова

      “I listened to a song performed by Daniel to the end, was shocked, – admitted Valery Kipelov. – It is difficult, of love, and of course, not children’s. And I have a dual attitude to the performance of such compositions. But I believe that Daniel felt it, he has his own interpretation. Indeed, in the same words, you can attach different emotions, and the song will be filled with new meaning. I think that Daniel has done has done its job”.

      The leader of the cult rock group “Aria” presented to the winner of the show “the Voice. Children” drive with the new single from the highly symbolic name “Unconquered” and wished Daniel good luck, creative successes and belief in yourself.

      Валерий Кипелов потрясен талантом Данилы Плужникова

      That they are shocked by the craftsmanship of Daniel Pluzhnikov, told guests gathered this Saturday night in the Studio, well-known performers. “I tearfully watched your performance yesterday, got a huge pleasure,” said the young vocalist Igor Saruhanov. – You have such a view, clean, sincere. This promise in the hall. Keep it up!”

      Are unable to hold back tears listening to the song “they beat Us – we fly” performed by Daniel and the famous singer Valeria. “Why all of us are so touched by your performance? Are you talking about some kind of a powerful emotional charge, not children, ‘ said Valeria. In this case, a defeated spirit. You have great power. It is so valuable, so precious, and that is what has prevailed.”