Tom Hiddleston uses swift to get the role of James bond

Том Хиддлстон использует Свифт, чтобы получить роль Джеймса Бонда

Today Taylor swift in high esteem by millions of people. advantages to the rating of the singer does not add the fact of how ugly she broke up with Calvin Harris, that after a few weeks found a replacement in the person of Tom Hiddleston. By the way, fans of British actor now also do not favor an American singer, noting that in this novel there is not a drop of sincerity.

This wave was picked up by secular observers, who have put forward two theories as to why Taylor and Tom began “Dating.”

According to the chroniclers, the novel stars is just a PR stunt by which swift hopes to strengthen its image, Hiddleston – to the role of James bond.

According to U.S. TV presenter Wendy Williams, Hiddleston, despite the shooting of the superhero blockbusters Marvel is just “Internet star” and broad mass of the audience the little-known – so he decided to increase his popularity at the expense of relations with Taylor.