The winner of the “Mrs. Russia-2016” knew in advance that I will win

Победительница «Миссис Россия-2016» заранее знала, что выиграет The winner of the prestigious title of Yulia stupishina wrote about it in a social network. 34-year-old woman wore the crown before the results of the final contest, and in the end fortune smiled on her.

      Победительница «Миссис Россия-2016» заранее знала, что выиграет

      Yesterday in capital has passed competition “Mrs. Russia-2016”. For the prestigious title of the best among married women fought for the fair sex from different cities of the country. It is noteworthy that the age limit for contestants was not, as they didn’t have to have model looks and work in the field of beauty. Therefore, among the participants were ladies of different professions – lawyers, notaries, scientists, businesswomen, sportswomen and simply Housewives.

      The winner of the contest was just a lady who devoted himself not a career, and raising a child. 34-year-old Yulia stupishina from Nizhny Novgorod has received the prestigious title of “Mrs. Russia-2016”. A woman has two higher education: the higher school of Economics, and masters of the Ranepa. However, his main achievement to date, she considers family.

      Interestingly, stupishina was sure I would win. She was able to try on the crown before the announcement of the competition results. In that moment, when Julia reached the final, the photographers captured it with the main attribute of the competition. The woman had published on his page in the social network this picture and made a prophetic signature.

      “Did the crown try it on. Now I’m waiting for the finals on 10 July in order to pocket it,” – wrote in his microblog stupishina.
      Победительница «Миссис Россия-2016» заранее знала, что выиграет

      “Yul, what are the odds?”, “You really do! No doubt the crown will be yours”, “Baby! You’re beautiful”, “Most beautiful girls from Nizhny Novgorod”, “Photo already in the final! Put – and could wave to wave”, “You are the most worthy” – supported Yulia groupies and girlfriends and they were right. Literally a few days later was brought here really won and wore the crown again. In addition, she became the winner in nomination “Mrs. Perfection”.

      By the way, the competition was attended by another representative of Nizhny Novgorod – Diana Volkova. The girl returned home with the title of “Mrs. grace”.

      It is noteworthy that the winner of the challenge was not to win the title of “Mrs. Russia-2016”, and to survive the separation from his son. “I have a child, son Cyril, much loved. I dream to be a mother of three children. Yesterday son told me that he was in Church and asked God to finally his mother became Queen and come home. I week not seen, very miss you. For me to leave at such a time the child was the biggest victim for the sake of participation in show. Sorry, my emotions overwhelmed,” admitted stupishina “Komsomolskaya Pravda”.