The star of “Poor Nastya” can not come to terms with personal tragedy

Звезда «Бедной Насти» не может смириться с личной трагедией After the death of her husband the actress for a long time could not recover. To this day when she recalls the tragically deceased wife, Anna eyes welling with tears. Today she lives with the memory of Dmitry Kudin.

      Звезда «Бедной Насти» не может смириться с личной трагедией

      Many viewers remember 37-year-old actress Anna Tabanina on the role of eccentric and in no need of Lisa Dolgoruky from the TV series “Poor Nastya”. In the final series, despite all the difficulties, Lisa married the beloved — Mikhail Repnin, played by Peter Krasilov.

      However, in the life of Anna Tabanina the fairy tale had an unhappy ending. The actress married artist Dmitry Kudin. As recognized by Anna, they never felt so happy, confident and loved. Kudin took over the household — cleaned, cooked, raised three children. At this time Anna returned to work in film and theater after the forced pause associated with pregnancies. In the evening Tabanina came home and ate dinner, prepared with a supportive spouse.

      However, after Tabanidae wife was diagnosed with cancer, everything has changed dramatically. In 2014 he passed away. Two years later, the actress decided to share what he feels about retiring from the life of a loved one.

      Звезда «Бедной Насти» не может смириться с личной трагедией“It wasn’t unexpected. It was quite expected, but we are not discouraged, continued to try to live,” says the actress.

      For Tabanidae the tragedy happened as if yesterday. Anna never ceases to remember the departed husband and walking with the children on those places in St. Petersburg, where he had been walking with her lover Park in Tsarskoye Selo, the temple where the wedding took place and baptism of the heirs.

      “Well, what can you do, if there is such a disease? It is generally a very definite path for many people. I want to support everyone who has been affected by this disaster and to advise not to lose heart. But, on the other hand, my advice is stupid and worthless,” — said Anna Tabanina in the broadcast of “You would not believe” the NTV channel.

      At the moment Anna Tabanina decided instead of personal life to focus on raising children — she has three of them. This is an 8 year old Bob, 6 year old Sonya and the 5-year SIM. According to the actress, the main thing is to first give them everything they need for growth and development, and about how to go on dates, she does not even think. Tabanina operates on weekdays from morning to late evening, and weekends she usually spends with the heirs. For everything else, the actress no time, you ought to feed your family and take care of her.