The star of “heads and tails” robbed in Moscow

Звезду «Орла и решки» обокрали в Москве
The TV presenter stole money, documents and passport.

Kohl Earring

Photo: Instagram

Kohl Earring, arriving in Moscow, remained without a passport, documents
and means of livelihood. TV host robbed, stealing a purse in which
lay a Bank card, vehicle documents, rights and money. About it
announced public Mash. Netizens discussing
what happened, did not deny himself the pleasure to laugh at trouble
star. “He’s just a musician? In the subway fast work!” — sarcastically
they commented on.

The star of “the eagle and Tails” of the incident did not comment, but
broke his own poem, which I read in a rap style.
“Now in difficult times we need to catch a sucker?” — asks Nikolai. It is hoped that the hero of a rap recitative is not himself

“Eagle and
tails” is an informative television show about travel.
Every weekend, two facilitators travel to various cities of the world. According to the rules
programs, one of them must live Saturday and Sunday on $ 100, and
the second can spend unlimited funds stored on
“gold” credit card. To decide how one of them will hold these
weekend, leading before every journey, toss a coin, and it is all about the eagle
or tails.