The son of Nastia Vinokur became the owner of an exclusive vehicle

Сын Насти Винокур стал хозяином эксклюзивного транспорта The heir ballerina delighted with the acquisition. Six-month-old son of Anastasia Vinokur received the gift of a rocking horse. Little Fyodor is with great pleasure exploring a new means of transportation.

      Сын Насти Винокур стал хозяином эксклюзивного транспорта

      The daughter of the famous humorist Vladimir Vinokur Anastasia and her husband Gregory Matveevici doted in his firstborn, his son Fyodor, who on 10 July it will be seven months.

      Loving parents have decided that the age of the child is quite suitable in order to acquire my first vehicle. Anastasia and Gregory gave his son exclusive transport – a wooden rocking horse, which, moreover, is personal, because it bears the name of its owner Fedor. Apparently, a luxurious toy was custom. Newly-made horse owner from the acquisition, was excited about what Anastasia Vinokur said in microblogging, showing now the favorite horse of his son Fyodor.

      “That’s our super-horse ready! Baby Fedor ecstatic, actually, as we are. Envy him!”, – said a young mother.

      By the way, speaking about the gift for son, Anastasia Vinokur and showed Fedor himself, which she does very infrequently, protecting the heir from prying eyes. The baby has grown significantly and matured, he is active and curious, and the mother is trying to instill in your son a sense of style from a very tender age. Jeans, stylish shoes and a blue pullover… in short, Fedor is a real dandy.

      Сын Насти Винокур стал хозяином эксклюзивного транспорта

      It is worth noting that unlike most celebrity moms, She is in no hurry to go to work. The star rightly believes that you have time to preen on the red carpet and showcase dresses from leading designers during social events. Now the distiller is focused elsewhere. The celebrity is happy to be there for your child. She had become so accustomed to care for him herself, only occasionally enlists the aid of grandparents and not think about how to hire a babysitter for Fedora.

      However, despite the fact that she is in no hurry to get back to work, Anastasia Vinokur after giving birth I was quickly back on form. Anastasia Vinokur explained how he returned to his old form

      Winokur admits that the secret of rapid weight loss is simple – she is constantly busy with the cares of newborn baby Fedor.Perhaps that is what helped Anastasia to get in shape for such a short time.

      “I nursed the baby, and breastfeeding meant by a proper diet. She was up all night while physical activity no, I do gymnastics on the floor and walk with a stroller for two or three hours” – said in an interview with the ballerina.