The players of the Russian team threw Monte Carlo millions

Футболисты российской сборной закидали Монте-Карло миллионами
Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev were buying champagne for 500 Euro per bottle.

Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev

The players of the Russian national team again scored a goal in
gate own reputation. Athletes, scandal, victims fiasco on
the European championship 2016 in France, it seems, do not hurry to get upset — and
once. For example, Alexander Kokorin and Pavel Mamaev immediately after the “Euro”
went on vacation in Monte Carlo, where he showed the regulars of the local clubs,
how to walk in a big way. According to the information portal in the rest of the players ordered champagne
Armand de Brignac”, which costs €500 per bottle. They just bought
guests of the night club Twiga about 500 of these bottles for a total amount of €250 thousand

Recall, the world Cup in France national team of Russia
ranked last in the group and left the tournament in the preliminary

After a trip on “Euro” the Russian athletes do not
began to stay in Russia and went to different countries to relax. But
as seen on the home football team of Iceland: watch the video!