The main role in a new clip of Dima Bilan costs 900 thousand rubles

Главная роль в новом клипе Димы Билана стоит 900 тысяч рублей

Someone goes on a date with Vera Brezhneva for 1.5 million rubles, and someone who could star in the new clip of Dima Bilan in about the same amount.

The contractor also decided not to stand aside from the charity auction model Elena Perminova and invited to compete for a role in his new video.

Exactly what to expect from the clip, said on his page on the social network producer Bilan Yana Rudkovskaya. As it turned out, the winner can become the main heroine of a true fairy tale.

“We with Dima Bilan and Evgeny Plushenko once again prepared a very unique lot for urgent help baby Seryozhenka! First and only @sos_by_lenaperminova: one of the main roles in the music video of Dima Bilan on the soundtrack for the new ice show Evgeni Plushenko “the Nutcracker”! You will also receive 4 tickets to VIP orchestra seats for 1 row 23 of December for the premiere of the show in the sports Complex “Olympic”, go on backstage and take pictures with all the heroes and Olympic Champions show. I will personally accompany You, Dima Bilan and Evgeny Plushenko will make a selfie with You on the memory and put in their SOC. networks, will give the whole family memorabilia! Make your child a real fairy tale, it is not only emotions that will remain for life, but the baby rescue that is waiting for our help! Place your bets right now on @sos_by_lenaperminova!” — wrote Rudkovskaya in Instagram