“The dancing millionaire”: how to throw dust in the eyes of the world

«Танцующий миллионер»: как пустить пыль в глаза всему миру
What lies behind dolce vita “Italian lover”?

«Танцующий миллионер»: как пустить пыль в глаза всему миру

Flavio Briatore

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Stable expression of the “Italian lover” appeared in the days of Rudolph Valentino. On this ox-eyed star of silent movies crazy women all over the world, and his early death gave rise to a wave of suicides among fans. In fact, it is Valentino became the first celebrity it officially began called “sex symbol”. And, though since then, this title was awarded to the representatives of various countries, only Italy managed to make it national. Yes, Frank Sinatra. Yes, Marcello Mastroianni. Yes, Toto Cutugno and Adriano Celentano. But actually in order to conquer women don’t need beauty or talent — just enough to be Italian. That’s the power of PR!

Why are they? Why not the elegant French, not the Spaniards refined, not brutal Americans — the list is endless. What’s so special about “the children of Romulus and Remus”? Why they lose even the most sensible women, like Catherine Deneuve, who had accepted the unenviable role of a mistress Mastroianni, gave birth to a daughter, but did not wait not that a wedding ring, but at least divorce “adorable Marche” with his lawful wife?

We have a theory. The Italians, as no one is gifted with a rare talent: the ability to enjoy life, no matter what. They have a special relationship with reality: no matter how much money you have, wives and children, if you look like a millionaire, then you are a millionaire. Best of all, this principle of life has formulated once the great Federico Fellini: “In Italy, if you want to be a Prince, just need to think of a long name, and to have rich friends.”

No, we do not claim that the “Italian lover” is definitely a married rogue in debt, which only deals with the fact that throw dust in the eyes. We are just implying that sometimes the glamorous, dolce vita has a pretty ugly underside. And should not unconditionally believe everything they say, show and promise men whose names sound like music: Flavio, Raphael, Gianluca…

Flavio Briatore

Italian entrepreneur Flavio Briatore, the former Manager and co-owner of the famous teams participating in Formula 1 — a man is not poor. According to unofficial data,
his condition is estimated at $ 150 million.However, he managed to create a reputation as a winner at least eight States. Than Flavio took advantage, establishing
brand, which immodestly named “Billionaire”. And now
he is the owner of a vast network of resorts and clubs.

By the way, Briatore became a
problems with the law: Flavio was accused of various fraud and tax evasion
taxes. That did not prevent him to remain a member of the international
business elites and make friends with the most famous representatives of show business.

From Flavio there are countless
the number of mistresses — mostly models. And each new babe, of course
had hoped to become Mrs. Briatore. Not escaped this fate and famous
“Black Panther” — Naomi Campbell. She lived with Briatore almost five years and was
sure he’s going to propose to her. Alas, she miscalculated and only
in vain lost time…

Oddly enough, sad
experience Naomi and many of her friends in misfortune, that is, other mistresses
Flavio learned nothing another beauty — Heidi Klum. It is, however,
met with Briatore very long. Klum made a bet on a different tactic — she
got pregnant from Flavio. But this didn’t work out: Briatore left his pregnant girlfriend. And later allowed
singer Force, who was married to Heidi, to adopt born of his romance with Klum
a girl called Leni. However, 58 years Briatore finally
settled down, marrying models Elizabeth of Gregoraci.

«Танцующий миллионер»: как пустить пыль в глаза всему миру

Raffaello, Follieri and Anne Hathaway

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Raffaello, Follieri

Actress Anne Hathaway fell in love
in a charming young Italian Raffaello, Follieri at first sight. It
met him at a party with friends in new York. It certified the actress as a wealthy European businessman with great prospects. And
at first their romance was like a fairy tale. Cruises on the yachts of rich friends, Follieri,
dinner at the most expensive restaurants, luxury gifts, jewelry. Besides,
Rafaello knew how to win the heart of his girlfriend. He told her of his
a charity Foundation, dealing with the vaccination of children against infectious diseases
the third world countries. Follieri even managed to involve Anne in his work. They
lived together for four years in a luxury
the penthouse in Manhattan, Olympic Tower and already being discussed their impending

The disaster broke out in June
2008. First, the tax authorities are interested in his Fund. As
it turned out that this organization was not what it seemed through it
Follieri laundered foreign capital. And then law enforcement got
to its core business. And during the investigation it was discovered that the “wealthy
entrepreneur” really was a crook. Follieri, seemed an expert at the Vatican
real estate issues and proposed naive citizens to invest in buying alienated
Church property with the purpose of profitable resale. More “investors” of their
money is not seen. According to the investigation, Raffaello fraudulently took possession of approximately
hundreds of millions of dollars… the Court
sentenced “businessman” to 4.5 years in prison.

When he was arrested, Ann
know where to go from shame and despair. Because she truly loved, Follieri and had no idea what he actually
engaged. It’s good that the court did not consider the actress partner in crime boyfriend… But now Anne have all
well. She met not a millionaire, but sincerely loving her man – Adam
Shulman. Married him in March
this year gave birth to his child.

«Танцующий миллионер»: как пустить пыль в глаза всему миру

The Gianluca Vacca

Photo: @gianlucavacchi/Instagram

The Gianluca Vacca

Since, as Gianluca Vacca put in your
Instagram video where he famously dances in the company of beauty in a swimsuit, he became
the king of social networking. His “twerking” in a speedo, more like
loincloth bulging muscles and numerous tattoos
made an irresistible impression on many ladies. The first was called “the dancing millionaire”,
and the number of subscribers to its pages instantly jumped to almost a million.

And at first, his video made just
a resounding effect. The fact that someone started a rumor that Wakka is almost
not 80 years. And all admired how awesome this looks athletic
the addition of the “elderly” gentleman. So, when it became clear that he is not even
50, all were a little disappointed. It turned out that Gianluca just very early
grayer, though for 50 years it really looks good

The Vacca is pretty well-known person in Italy. Have
Gianluca seems to be a solid business. He is a member of the Board of Directors
the Corporation that manufactures trailers. Besides, Wakka —
the self-proclaimed
gurus, part of the lifestyle. He founded a company producing clothes in
his style is quite extravagant. However, the gossips say,
that in fact it is not
businessman, but rather, rentiers, iridoviruses salaried employee management
of all their Affairs. At the same time he enjoys life in the company of the richest and
people of Europe and America…

The Vacca is one of the most
famous Italian playboys. He managed to twist novels with the half Italian
models. Illaria Spada, Raffaella, Sardo, IDA Of Yespica Claudia Galanti, Nina
Senicar — only a few of his girlfriends. In addition, it is often see in
with Hollywood celebrities. For example, the First attributed an affair with
actress Michelle Rodriguez. A few years ago, it is alleged, even managed to conquer
the heart of the most Jennifer Lopez, albeit briefly. In 2011 he was fascinated by the beauty of Melissa Satta, which seriously
had hoped to become his wife. However, her hopes were dashed. Last
a couple of years Gianluca spends time in the company of Georgia Gabriele and claims
that loves it. That’s just what the outcome for Georgia this novel, no one


4 days.

«Танцующий миллионер»: как пустить пыль в глаза всему миру

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