The 43-year-old Natalie Topless sparked heated debate

Снимок 43-летней Натали топлесс вызвал жаркие споры
The singer does not hesitate to publish candid shots.


Photo: @Instagram natalisinger Natalie

Singer Natalie triggered a small scandal in social networks. The fact that recently the actress shared the photo on which poses with a young son Jack on his hands. And this would not be anything provocative, if not for the appearance of Natalie in the photo. The singer starred in this photo shoot Topless, and that was the reason for heated discussion in the Network.

In comments to published family portrait between the fans of the 43-year-old Natalie was a dispute: whether shares of such “intimate” shots with the public or yet the Network you need to lay out a more modest pictures? “To act without any clothes necessary? From my point of view, then you can do without it”, “it’s great, beautiful photos… the Child will grow up and will appreciate the beauty of the moment, and envious, let him to his temple twist!”, “All gone mad. Naked already and for no reason”, “Baby you need to show, not naked,…” — expressed his opinion of the fans of Natalie.

Natalie has three children, the youngest of whom was recently only four months. By the way, recently the singer surprised fans with an unexpected confession: she does not exclude that in the future again become a mother. According to Natalie, she can’t get ahead of yourself, but if it was “sent from above” another child — she’ll be happy.