Tatiana Totmianina sunbathes Topless

Татьяна Тотьмянина загорает топлес Famous figure skater spends honeymoon with her husband. Tatiana Totmianina and Alexei Yagudin celebrated the wedding at the end of February. But only recently have they found time to enjoy a holiday together. The couple moved to nice, where they enjoy every day spent together.

      Татьяна Тотьмянина загорает топлес

      Famous figure skater Tatiana Totmianina and her husband Alexei Yagudin decided to organize a honeymoon. Despite the fact that the couple were married at the end of February, the athletes only now able to find time to be alone and went on holiday together. Romance / honeymoon famous figure skaters chose the Cote d’azur in France. Now celebrities are sharing pictures from nice. In one of the publications of Tatiana Totmianina showed a photograph in which she sunbathes Topless. However, the picture was quite decent. She only hinted at the fact that there is no top of the swimsuit. Moreover, all occurred under the watchful eye of a spouse.

      Yagudin and Totmianina dissolve into each other on vacation

      “Good morning, it happens,” wrote Tatiana, posting a photo where she is lying next to her husband.

      Татьяна Тотьмянина загорает топлес

      Fans once again admired the family Yagudin and Totmjanina. They were glad that the couple perfectly spend time, enjoying each other’s company. Subscribers also noticed that staying in nice has not passed unnoticed. They noted that the skin of athletes starting to tan.

      “God grant health and happiness to your wonderful family”, “I Like your pair”, “Jealous”, “were Burned,” wrote a follower.

      Yagudin and Totmianina happy to spend time together, rest from family cares. However, they are not reported, under whose supervision were their daughters – six-year-old Lisa and eight-month-old Michelle. Earlier, Tatiana talked about the fact that you just can’t trust the younger heir to anyone except her husband and father.

      “Now, if you go, helps out my dad, a physician by training, I trust him completely. And when I need to run an errand, the child remains with Alex. He is fearless father. With little Lisa coped better than me: and bathed, and swaddled and fed. I was afraid to take the child in his arms. It seemed that the girl so fragile that she inadvertently I’ll break something. With Michelle he, too, is killing it,” – said the skater.

      Before departure to nice Tatiana and Alex spent time together with Lisa and Michelle. The eldest daughter quite often in France and fluent in French. Yagudin and Totmianina regularly take heiresses in the world-over.