Tatiana Navka no longer hide the youngest daughter

Татьяна Навка перестала скрывать младшую дочь Skater first showed hope to the fans. Declassified the daughter of the celebrated athlete Yana Rudkovskaya, published in his Instagram a photo of Nadia. Subscribers have found that the girl is very cute and is growing replica of his mother Tatiana Navka.

      Татьяна Навка перестала скрывать младшую дочь

      Finally happened what with such lust and breathlessly waited for the millions of fans of the famed figure skater, Olympic champion Tatiana Navka. The athlete has ceased to hide their youngest daughter Nadia, which in August will be two years old. The truth, revealed the intrigue with a length of almost two years is not Tatyana Navka, and her friend, producer and wife of another famous figure skater Evgeni Plushenko Yana Rudkovskaya. Exactly Ian has published in his Instagram” the little Hope, which you can see perfectly the face of an angel daughter Tatiana Navka.

      The photo was taken during the celebration of the birthday of Philip Kirkorov, but because it, in addition to Nadi, and depicted the hero of the occasion with her children, Yana Rudkovskaya with his son Sasha and Tatiana Navka. “The sports show-visnovsky dynasties, in fifteen years will give heat”, signed in the microblog Yana Rudkovskaya.

      Photos, in which the protagonists are children, created a furor among subscribers producer. But most of them left under review is devoted to, of course, the daughter of Tatiana Navka that users saw for the first time. They said that the little girl is incredibly sweet and is growing a small replica of his beautiful mother.

      Татьяна Навка перестала скрывать младшую дочь

      “Tatiana is such a beautiful little daughter! Charm”, “the Daughter – her mother Tatiana”, “Daughter – young mother Tanya, well, it’s so cute!”, – admire the followers Rudkovskaya daughter Tatiana Navka.

      Kids who undoubtedly have become the main protagonists of the birthday of Philip Kirkorov, had fun as adults. And apparently, didn’t even get tired. Daughter Tatiana Navka Hope swirled in a pair of Sasha Plushenko. Video of this touching dance of the heirs of two of the Olympic Champions was published in “Instagram” son of Yana Rudkovskaya and also received his portion of applause.

      A little later the whole company from the restaurant rushed to the airport to see off Philip Kirkorov in Sweden on the musical contest “Eurovision”.

      Video published Dwarf Gnomic (A. Plushenko) (@gnomgnomych) 1 May 2016 at 9:02 PDT

      It is worth noting that Tatiana Navka and had shown Hope in the microblog. But these were pictures and video of the girl was imprinted either back or sideways. Though in this rare footage you can judge how a pretty little girl growing up in the family of the illustrious sportswomen.