Talking about the pregnancy beloved Marat Safin

В Сети обсуждают беременность возлюбленной Марата Сафина Presumably, Aida Garifullina soon for the first time will become a mother. The affair of Marat Safin became known in mid-June. Fans were happy that the athlete and the singer broke sense.

    В Сети обсуждают беременность возлюбленной Марата Сафина

    About the novel, the famous tennis player 36-year-old Marat Safin and 28-year-old Opera singer Aida Garifullina began in mid-June. However, the lovers themselves are trying less to tell about their relationship. Opera singer himself admitted “StarHit” about the affair with the athlete. In turn, Safin prefers not to discuss personal life with reporters.

    Marat Safin found a new love

    As claimed by various publications, now Garifullina is pretty impressive pregnancy – the fifth or sixth month. However, in the microblog singer in no way hints at what will soon become a mother. Fans are only left to guess, to confirm whether these rumors.

    Now the lovers spend time together in one of the most romantic cities in the world – Paris. As told to “StarHit” Aida, in the French capital about her making a film. Garifullina was informed that Marat, despite the constant employment, always trying to find time to come to her performances. However, fans of early to wait for the wedding. According to Garifullina, they are not yet thinking about marriage.

    Apparently, in the Aida and Marat are all well – informed Opera diva chose to share with the subscribers footage from their performances, now more and more a celebrity puts photos together with Safin. Subscribers Garifullina was thrilled to know that the athlete and the singer broke out of genuine feelings. The fans did not skimp on the kind words to the beautiful couple. “And let one happy day gives way to another happy day,” “I’m so happy for you! You just ideal!”, “Dear Adocca! To Express how I was glad and happy to know you, is to say nothing! Immensely pleased”, “very Very beautiful couple! Aida, you are like a flower”, such comments appear in the microblog Aida under their joint photos with Marat.

    Relationship celebrities were declassified during their recent trip to Kazan, the home of the singer. Lovers caught in the lens of the camera, when Marat and Aida did one of the walks around the city.