Swindlers earn on a pseudo-diet Pugacheva and Aguilera

Мошенники зарабатывают на псевдо-диете Пугачевой и Орбакайте Different sites offer to buy drugs, which help lose weight a Diva. To netizens believed them, or use the names of Alla Pugacheva and Christina Orbakajte in the framework of advertising, and make up for stars the whole story.

      Мошенники зарабатывают на псевдо-диете Пугачевой и Орбакайте

      “One day I phoned her daughter and told me about a weight with one drug. Said, “Try It! All our friends are losing weight and happy!” this enticing phrase begins a diary about weight loss Diva on one of the sites. Supposedly Alla, postroynevshaya significantly over the past few months – from 89 to 61 kg, – shared the secret, gently mention “very effective” the premix and the gel.

      “After reviewing, I decided: why not? – continues pseudo-Alla. – My figure was no longer allowed to show legs, which I was so proud of. And don’t forget – I have a young handsome husband, who is always hovering around like flies, a lot of young snicklefritz”.

      Is a miracle product – 3300 rubles, and for the shares – only 990. However, the names Pugacheva and Aguilera is able to attract a huge number of people willing to “become as they are.” Aguilera outraged by the situation.

      “No pills, no other drugs my family has never used and does not drink, – said, “StarHit” Christine. – We are for a healthy lifestyle: proper nutrition, sports. The only thing I was once advised my mom is not salting foods. Therefore salt-free diet – Yes, it was the place to be.”

      “This is not the first time scammers use the name of Alla Pugacheva – says “StarHit” the lawyer of the singer Marina Murashova. We all these cases, carefully monitored and stopped. There were even sites that Scam artists were from America. Write letters, contact their block. If the resource to which my client has to do, will not be deleted, you will have to go to court. Or it could be millions in lawsuits.”

      Recall that a few years ago, Alla Pugacheva really stuck to a salt-free diet. “Allah calls this diet “USSR”, that is, to exclude from the diet of the three “S” – salty, sweet and rich, and “R” is a fasting day. Not necessarily withstanding it with only tea and water, you can prepare vegetable soup or puree, but not necessarily liquid,” said “StarHit” best friend Pugacheva Alina Redel. The diva endured all of the meal, content with just vegetable salads.