Stas Kostyushkin told how to achieve the perfect press

Стас Костюшкин рассказал, как добиться идеального пресса
The singer gave some advice to its subscribers.

Stas Kostyushkin

Photo: @stas_kostyushkin_official Instagram Stas Kostushkin

Sports figure of Stas Kostushkin few people can remain
indifferent. Most girls would kill to be in place of his wife, and men struggling in the gym in a desperate attempt to “catch up” with the singer.
Stas decided to take pity on the strong half of mankind, and opened
the veil of their training.

As it turned out,
first and most importantly, what needs to be done to the man who dreams of relief
the press — forget about the sweets. Kostyushkin, in his own
admission, for many years, never seen candy. It’s hard to believe, but
thanks to the refusal of sugar, Stas is enough only of one
training on press in a week. In addition, due to the correct nutrition it is released
precious family time that he could spend on burning excess calories
from junk food.

Meanwhile, not
so long ago, Steven and his wife, Julia won an honorary award. The couple won a
the victory in the nomination “the Couple of the year” in ramkah awards ceremony
Fashion Summer Awards 2016. Family Kostyushkina is considered to be an example for
follow. The couple not only together raise two sons — Myron and
Bogdan, but together and go to the gym. In addition, the couple still have time
and for romance. Stas and ULEV periodically arrange a “trip for two” which
can escape from everyday life and spend time alone.