Stars celebrate Easter

Звезды отмечают Пасху

Celebrity distracted from touring and filming, baked cakes, painted eggs and celebrate the main Orthodox holiday with the whole country.


Singer Natalia Podolskaya for Easter prepared together with the whole family – her husband Vladimir, mother Nina Antonovna and sister Juliana. While the Theme of son and nephews of the singer Nastya and Sasha slept, Natalya with loved ones make up a tray of multi-colored eggs.

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Actress Evelina Bledans baked a whole tray of cakes, and then together with her husband Alexander Semin and Semyon’s son went to Pavlovskaya Sloboda is to sanctify the holiday meals. For son the actress made a separate little Easter basket. By the way, subscribers Evelina did not recognize the photo of her husband, lost weight, lost so much weight! A completely different person!

The singer Cornelia Mango to the feast prepared, along with his fiance by Bogdan.

“The cakes she baked, the curves a bit, but with love! 48 days we fasted! Sometimes it was difficult, but God’s grace gave me strength, humility!”, – said Cornelia.

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Nadezhda Babkina in honor of Easter, staged in his theatre the Easter festival and, along with experienced masters have painted eggs. And on Sunday night the singer with her son Danilo and daughter-in-law Tatiana traditionally went for service.

Admitted children

Supermodel Natalia Vodianova, despite the fact that is in a position that did not sit at home and together with the senior children Lucas, Neva and Viktor went to Suzdal.

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The singer Glucose with daughters Lydia and Faith has prepared two baskets with Easter treats, tied handkerchiefs on their heads and went to Church to consecrate Easter cakes. Little Vera, the tradition has raised a lot of questions. “Faith is not yet fully understood why she poured water”, – shared the singer.

Leading Julia Kostyushkin in the Church went with the eldest son Bogdan. While her husband Yulia singer Stas Kostyushkin was walking six-month-old baby Miron, Julia and Bogdan consecrated Easter cakes.

Olympic champion Tatiana Navka was introduced to the main Orthodox holiday of my youngest daughter Hope. Judging by the fact that the photo of Tatyana, and Nadia in handkerchiefs and cakes candles, the skater went to Church with her. By the way, before Tatiana did not show face daughter! On the feast of the stars for the first time subscribers were able to see, for someone like Nadia.

Singer Vera Brezhnev also attracted to the celebration of the Passover the youngest daughter. Judging by the pictures, Faith and Sarah have been together in the Church. “God is love. With the Bright holiday of Easter, all Orthodox Christians! Christ Is Risen!”, – Brezhnev congratulated the subscribers.

Visited the service

And here again the victory!!!!! Even afraid of eating the Egg remained intact

Video posted by POLINA DIBROVA (@polinadibrova) 1 May 2016 at 2:01 PDT

Dmitry Dibrov with his wife Pauline went to serve in the St. Tikhonov Deserts. And in the morning after a holiday traditionally fought each other colored eggs. Polina beat all.

“My egg survived 5 people. Even scary is, the egg remained intact,” wrote Dibrova.

Actress Maria Kozhevnikova the service went not only with family but also friends.

“From year to year, as long as I remember, we meet this the happiest holiday in the circle of friends! And every year the circle gets wider and wider! Christ Is Risen!” – written by Maria.

Don’t miss the festive service and the star of the show “Ural dumplings” Yulia Mikhalkov.

“Christ is risen! Heartily congratulate you with the bright holiday of Easter! I wish that bright light of Christ’s Resurrection accompanied you all your life and was so bright that he could not see any distress and misery, and the soul was always filled with Easter joy! Let this magical, joyful and sacred day will bring prosperity to your families, iron and good health, firm faith, goodness, lots and lots of love! May the Lord be in the heart of each of us, and kind heavenly angels guarded all day and night! I wish you all peace of mind, success in every business, fulfillment of all cherished plans and desires, pure thoughts and right actions! Love and take care of each other, my dear!”, – congratulated Yulia subscribers.

Actor Andrew Hagolan in the service also visited. In response to the greeting happy Easter, fans wished Andrew good health.


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Svetlana Bondarchuk and singer Anastasia Stotskaya to the tradition of painting eggs came with a glamorous chic.

Svetlana took advantage of the shiny gold paint, and her daughter and does sequins like on the Christmas decorations! Turned out not eggs, but the real jewels.

Christ Is Risen!

Video posted @alexandre_vassiliev May 1 2016 12:03 PDT

The host of “Fashion verdict fashion historian Alexander Vasiliev congratulated its subscribers from Milan, standing on the background of a Gothic Cathedral.

We decorate the house for the light holiday of “Easter” along with our beloved @lidseventhouse and Lydia Smirnova ( decorator -genius )! Sasha @gnomgnomych makes the tour of our Easter home decor …. The only thing that confuses all the occupants of the house is what Sasha is sure that in larger eggs live young dinosaurs , and no it is not yet able to convince otherwise ) #pasalnya

Video published Yana Rudkovskaya (@rudkovskayaofficial) APR 30 2016 at 4:27 PDT

Producer Yana Rudkovskaya went to the Easter celebrations and have invited professional decorators who have decorated the whole house is the leading Easter eggs of different colors and sizes, figurines of rabbits and flowers. A tour of the decor to subscribers Rudkovskaya spent, of course, her son Sasha.

“Sasha I am sure that in larger eggs live young dinosaurs, and no one can’t convince otherwise,” shared Jan.