Stalker Hilary Duff wants to marry her

Преследователь Хилари Дафф хочет на ней жениться

American singer and actress Hilary Duff want to make an offer hands and hearts, however, the prospect will meet a mysterious stranger doesn’t seem the most romantic celebrity.

Police became aware of a strange fan of the actress who was looking for her all over town. The man hired a limo, showed the driver the home of Hilary and told me to take it to him. Because the driver didn’t know what address is shown by the passenger’s home several hours they traveled through the streets of Beverly hills looking for a home of the actress. During the trip, the passenger told the driver, as the likes of Duff and that soon they will get married, because she is preparing a proposal of marriage.
To no avail after several hours, the strange man released the driver, and he is not wasting a minute, went to the police, who in turn contacted security team of the actress.
Sources close to the celebrity, inform that surrounded Hilary know about her admirer, and even I know who he is, because already several times had a problem with him. Nevertheless, for whatever reasons, the DAF did not write a statement to the police about the harassment and did not require a judicial restraining order. The guards of the actress are in a state of combat readiness.