Son of Margaret Agibalova overcame the biggest fear

Сын Маргариты Агибаловой поборол самый большой страх Family stars of the reality show “House-2” the second month of living in Cyprus. Margarita Agibalova boasted of the successes of the younger MITI. She shared with fans that her heir was able to overcome the fear of water and enjoyed spending time in the pool.

      Сын Маргариты Агибаловой поборол самый большой страх

      Almost two months ago, the star of the reality show “Dom-2” Margarita Agibalova decided to change Moscow to a hot island. She went with her husband Paul Marceau and two children to Cyprus. As soon as the celebrity arrived on the island, she does not get tired to share with the fans of the various events of his stay in another country. The most interesting moments happen, of course, with her younger successors – six-year-old Mitya and polutorogodovalogo daughter Bella. Apparently, the children of celebrities are great time – enjoying the sun, warm weather, and playing by the sea. But for the eldest son of a star “Houses-2” the voyage was not a favorite pastime. But today Margarita has told his followers about how her son was able to overcome the fear of water.

      “My handsome today overcame my fear of deep water. I jumped in the pool and happy, and mom too. Soon they learn to swim. We have been trying to learn, but Mitya was a wild fear of water. Just a couple of days ago he even in the circle didn’t want to go to the pool, and today he just jumped without. We still have time, all summer, near the sea, pool, learn,” Agibalov said in microblogging, accompanied by the publication of a photo of his son in the pool.

      The fans were very glad that Mitya was able to love the water and also decided to share the experience of their children in swimming. “We have in the garden there was a pool, but have learned first to swim under water at sea, and now and then, and she just floats without. First try to dive and to swim, though he must first safely dip your face into the water. But the coach in this matter best. You’ll soon learn! With a victory for you!”, “Well Done Mitya! And you, as a mom who enjoys the success of their children” – glad followers of a celebrity.

      Not so long ago, Margaret was told that her daughter Bella, which only in June it will be two years old, already trying to talk. Fans rejoiced for such a rapid development of girls and Agibalova congratulated on this achievement baby.

      Spending time on the island, Margarita was planned to conduct the blog, which would answer the questions regarding your stay in Cyprus. After Agibalova, together with his family settled on the island, fans never cease to be interested in the peculiarities of life in another country.