Six-year-old daughter of Vitaly Gogunsky eclipsed Marilyn Monroe

Шестилетняя дочь Виталия Гогунского затмила Мэрилин Монро Little Milan proved that they can sing not worse than an adult singer. Girl coped brilliantly with a challenging song and was fascinated by all members of the jury “one to One”. Apparently, in the family of stars “Uni” is a talented and capable artist.

      Шестилетняя дочь Виталия Гогунского затмила Мэрилин Монро

      On the recording of the last edition of the show “one to One” star of TV series “Univer” brought his daughter Milan. Baby, who recently turned six years old, impressed all jury members, deciding to try on the “adult” way. Milan at the time turned into one of the most beautiful and charming diva of cinema — the legendary Marilyn Monroe. Becoming a cult actress, the heiress of Kim and sang the hit “I Wann Be Loved by You”, which you can hear performed by Marilyn in the famous film “In a jazz only girls”.

      Milan did my makeup in the style of Monroe, the girl also tried on a fancy white dress with a long pleated skirt, are familiar to many movie-goers in the film “the seven year Itch”.

      Шестилетняя дочь Виталия Гогунского затмила Мэрилин Монро

      Members of the jury — Larisa Dolina, Tigran Keosayan, Lyudmila Artemyev and Yuri Stoyanov — remained deeply impressed by the acting and musical talents of Milana. The girl even managed to outshine his father. For reincarnation in Soso Pavliashvili Vitaly Gogunsky got 10 points less than his daughter for a good image of Monroe.

      “Absolutely charming and talented child. You know, the song is complex, and not every woman is the singer going to sing it, but Milan have coped with that number. You’re just a boy, an a student!”, — said the girl is Larisa Dolina. Presenter Igor Vernik congratulated Milan with success, noting that not every singer gets the approval from famous singer and people’s artist.

      By the way, Milana’s performance on the project was not the first in her career of actress. In 2014, the girl debuted in “one to One”, playing the role of Ani Lorak. Then the baby was supported by the Pope, having acted with her onstage. Milana’s debut had impressed members of the jury and TV viewers a great impression. Later, Vitalii admitted that he did not expect such a triumph.

      Gogunsky Milan — the daughter of actor Vitaly Gogunsky and his common-law wife, Irina, model Marco. The girl was born in 2010, two years after her parents broke up. However, Vitaly and Irina are together raising their child. The actor is proud of his daughter. According to Gogunsky, the producer Timur Weinstein said that Milan is a special girl and is able to sing on the same level as adult artists. At the moment, the daughter of the star “Uni” attends kindergarten Alla Pugacheva, her dad teaches there acting skills.