Shakira created a doll to help children with cancer

Шакира создала куклу, чтобы помочь онкобольным детям

The singer has designed a toy for children with cancer.

Stars around the world strongly support children with cancer. Someone creates specialized funds, someone is giving concert tours, sending the proceeds to help the kids. Colombian singer Shakira, together with Spanish charitable Foundation released a doll without hair.

Instead of hair on the head of the toy named the Pole flaunts a bright scarf, decorated with lipstick kisses. The creators of the puppets believe that Pylon will help sick children cope with the psychological problems associated primarily with hair loss due to chemotherapy.

All the money from the sale of these toys will be focused on the fight against child cancer.

It is also worth noting that Shakira took over the project is not accidental. Popular singer for many years is the goodwill Ambassador of UNICEF which deals with the problems of early development. In Colombia, Shakira is headed by a charitable Foundation, which is associated with the child’s education.

And how at us?

Woman’s Day stressing what activities are in support of children with cancer are currently under way in our country.

“We dolls don’t produce. But activities aimed at helping sick children, regularly, – have informed in a press-service of the charity Fund of Chulpan Khamatova “give life”. — At the moment, and until may 27 at the Russian children’s state library exhibition “My ark”, where the wards of our Fund presented their work. During the exhibition master classes, absolutely free”.

In addition, from 30 June to 2 July at the athletics arena CSKA sports complex will host the VII world children’s winners games. This is an annual sporting event for children from different countries, who have suffered cancer.