Sergey Mazaev called Ilya Reznik dirty sales woman”

Сергей Мазаев назвал Илью Резника «грязной продажной женщиной»

The poet-songwriter Ilya Reznik accused the artists of the local scene of corruption and unscrupulousness.

So negative about his friends Ilya Rahmielevich expressed in the context of their participation in the festival “Rendezvous Laima Vaikule, which starts today.

According to Resnick, if there is a “blacklist” of artists, which ordered the entry to a neighboring country (Valeria, Iosif Kobzon, Oleg Gasanov), and the rest have nothing to do there.

Acting is the essence of the sale. Our artists mostly — unprincipled! — curled Ilya Rahmielevich in an interview This unscrupulousness and the desire to earn eventually leads here in this “small betrayals”. When in jūrmala two years ago hurt our great Kobzon — our artists had to pack up and leave, it would be human and in Russian! What can you do, here’s here’s our show-business! Fee — this word with a capital letter. Igor Krutoy, who did “New wave”, there have replaced Linochka, that’s all, he says. -Show business is in crisis, many of the artists no fees. Of course, for them it is about the money. Moreover, when the government of Latvia has allocated a million dollars. Now our stars there will add to your budget. Alas, people are patriots in the highest sense, we can be counted on the fingers! Those who truly love their country, respect their people and will never betray him”.

Learn about this unflattering comments from Reznik, one of the participants of the festival – Sergei Mazaev – did not hesitate to declare that the poet is not all right with his head.

“It is not necessary to pay attention to Ilya Reznik, I beg you, comrades! He had been out of his mind! – said the leader of the group “Moral code”. Kobzon was not allowed in Jurmala, two years ago, because it was a political story, and we have something different about going there. I have no one to betray I was born, when Jurmala was a part of my country. This is a personal resentment and thwarted ambition Reznik! He was not invited as wedding General to sit with a straight back, so he whines. He’s acting like dirty corrupt woman. I can just call him scum and a jealous m…someone. Better be a good poem written, and then not hear anything from him for a long time. The festival is beautiful! Linochka I love!”

“I do the money earned in Jurmala, bring home, pay the taxes, so that on the contrary I enrich our country. The money I have already transferred to Moscow by: all very honestly and without delay and empty promises. I do not put your money in Jurmala any Bank, I brought them to Russia! I glorify your home with any of their show abroad, and not betray” — summed up artist.

By the way, participation in the festival Hibla Gerzmava, Grigory Leps, Edita, Emin Agalarov, Christina Orbakajte, Maxim Galkin, Larisa Dolina, Alexander Buinov, Lolita, Soso Pavliashvili, Vladimir Vinokur, Elena, Sergey Mazaev, Vladimir Presnyakov, Natalia Podolskaya, Stas Peha, Verka Serduchka, “Ilona Bronevitskaya, the Serebro, Potap and Nastya”, “VIA Gra”, “Time and glass”, M-Band , etc.