Scandal: Jennifer Lopez has announced a home-wrecker

 Скандал: Дженнифер Лопес объявили разлучницей
Ex-husband singer Marc Anthony divorcing Shannon De Lima.

 Скандал: Дженнифер Лопес объявили разлучницей

Marc Anthony and Shannon De Lima


Jennifer Lopez


The news that Marc Anthony and his wife, model Shannon De Lima made the decision
to leave, left a very strong effect. The fact that this news
followed less than a day after has already become infamous
the famous kiss Mark and his ex-wife Jennifer Lopez during the ceremony of the Latin Grammys. And
many came to the conclusion that it is because of Jennifer’s marriage broke up, Anthony…

Mark and Shannon played a magnificent wedding in November 2014 — the Dominican Republic, just
four months after it was completed divorce proceedings with
Jennifer. And until recently it seemed that the wife very happy
together. Because not so long ago De Lima has placed in his microblog
touching confession, devoted to her husband, “Thank you for what you
share with me all of my life and for that you’re best friend and spouse,
I could dream…”

However, the last couple of months began to spread
rumors that the relationship of Mark and Shannon were darkened. However, what is the reason for the cooling
spouses were not reported. But some of the gossips noticed that the problems in the family
Anthony arose after Jennifer broke up with her boyfriend
Casper Smart and resumed close contact with mark. The mere fact of their
rapprochement looked innocent enough, especially at first: after all, Anthony was the producer
the new album of the singer, not to mention that he is the father of twins
Max and Emma, his children with Lopez. But after Jennifer and
Anthony allowed himself a passionate kiss on stage, many doubted, are
whether or not the relationship is actually Platonic. And Lopez, presenting Brand award
even unwittingly added fuel to the fire noting: “mark always meant a lot and
so in my life he is my mentor, the father of my children, my soul mate…”
now a pretty sure that Jennifer was the cause of the crash
the family of Anthony and Shannon.