Sasha Strizhenova surprised by the spectacular swimsuit

Саша Стриженова удивила эффектным купальником At the moment, star successor is resting in one of the most beautiful places on Earth — on the island of Sardinia in the Mediterranean sea. Girl lots of sunbathing and swimming and having fun and photographed on the background of the local attractions. He recently published a picture where she poses in a stylish manner.

      Daughter of Alexander and Catherine Strizhenova now resting on the picturesque island of Sardinia, located in the Mediterranean sea. He recently Strizhenova has published in his Instagram your picture in a trendy swimsuit sea green in ever-present for that season of style sport-chic. Subscribers girls were amazed at how stylish looks of the young model. “Beauty”, “Bomb”, “Chic and at the same time, not like at all”, “Fire”, “How good,” they wrote in the comments to the picture of Sasha.

      It is known that the company of a girl is her famous mother, who also puts pictures from one of the most beautiful places on Earth. “According to the horoscope I’m a fish, and probably why I love water treatments. Make sure the water was warm!”, — wrote in the beginning of the journey Catherine.

      A little later, the TV presenter shared with subscribers his thoughts on the subject of why it is important to relax. According to Strizhenovoj, it is necessary for the human body, as makes him forget about the problems, and then to look at them. “Unload the head! If a person complains that five years was not in holiday, tell him he’s a bad worker, because 30% of his brain is struggling with chronic fatigue syndrome. No matter whether you went to the country or went into the woods, climbed to the top of a mountain or flew to the sea, you just have to reboot!”, — told a celebrity in his microblog.

      By the way, recently Sasha Strizhenova enrolled in a summer program one of the most prestigious universities in the world, Columbia University. This school is part of the so-called “ivy League”, along with Harvard, Priston and Yale University. Within your course, Sasha attended lectures on marketing, Economics, business and politics. In recognition of the girls, the trip abroad has helped her not only gain new knowledge but also to make friends from all over the world. At first she found it difficult to adapt to another country, but gradually Sasha overcame all the difficulties. Despite his successful career as a model, in the future she plans to obtain higher education and become a student of Moscow state University, NRU “HSE” or MGIMO.