Russian in Cannes: Bonia came to the red carpet without panties

Русские в Каннах: Боня вышла на ковровую дорожку без трусов

Russian star once again surprised by Cannes candid outfit.

At the opening of the 69-th Cannes film festival Viktoriya Bonya appeared in a sexy mini. For the next passage on the red carpet, the star chose an equally sexy way.

Victoria Bonya became the guest of the premiere of “Financial monster” with Julia Roberts and George Clooney in the lead roles. On the red carpet TV host appeared with good friend, Israeli TV star hofit the Golan. It seems Victoria has sought to make a lasting impression on the guests of the event! In front of photographers she appeared in a bright dress to the floor with transparent inserts.

A close look at the outfit of the stars it becomes clear that under the dress from Bonnie’s nothing there. Star decided to ignore the need to wear underwear. Apparently it is, according to Victoria, not overly decorated look. By the way, in recognition of star’s outfit was chosen from the collection of designer Mario Dice.