Rita Kern was exposed to the men’s magazine

Рита Керн обнажилась для мужского журнала Bright brunette declared itself in gentleman’s magazine, girlfriend posed naked, showing to the public. The model plans to conquer covers not only Russian glossy magazines, and foreign magazines.

Margaret Roll was one of the brightest participants of the TV project “Dom-2”. Striking brunette didn’t hide the shape, and actively demonstrated to the audience outstanding form. The girl admitted that guys show love only to her. The model plans to conquer their appearance and foreign tabloids.

“It was a very interesting experience for me, as criteria of playboy is very different from other magazines in the conversation. I would like to shoot for the cover of “Playboy”. I think it will be Venezuela. There are very, very fond of the form, as I have,” admitted Rita reporters.

After leaving the “House-2” Kern has acquired very high popularity in the Network. Fans of the show have discussed the figure and face of the girl, accusing her of abuse of plastic surgery. However, Margaret decided to build a career as a model, she is actively sharing candid snapshots.

Netizens leave comments under each post girls on Instagram. Despite the abundance of candid photo shoots, she tries not to advertise personal life. Kern regularly shows expensive gifts from fans, preferring to travel on very expensive cars, but the names of generous fans, the model does not call.

“He introduced me to a seminarian, wanted me to follow in his footsteps. If I could go back and live a new life, it would be a very interesting experience,” said the star of the TV show.

The audience learned that the girl does not communicate with his father-a priest. The model told reporters that dad raised her in strogosti, 18 years Kern left the family.

Rita didn’t hide her communication with dad is long gone. Father and daughter do not see each other and not talking to each other. However, Kern admitted that sincerely loves dad and wants to someday establish a relationship with him, but to abandon their way of life is not going to.

“I’m ready to reconcile. It seems the Pope has reached enlightenment and is therefore able to accept me,” said Margaret.