Photo Topless wife Dzhigan blew up the Internet

Фото полуобнаженный жены Джигана взорвало интернет
Subscribers are outraged by the appearance of Oksana Samoilova.

Фото полуобнаженный жены Джигана взорвало интернет

Oksana Samoilov

Photo: Instagram

Djigan wife was struck by the candid outfit in which came
on the street. The so-called “lifelike” (a selfie taken in the Elevator) Oksana
Samoilov posted on the page in a social network.

The girl is wearing only
leggings and sexy top with a deep plunging neckline — taking into account that in Moscow
there was a cold snap, and it’s easy to catch a cold.

About it
said Oksana caring subscribers. “Oksana, get dressed, freeze in this
!” — they wrote.

Argue regarding the weather, the fans quickly
switched to another “object” — a luxury chest Oksana. Moreover, if male
part of the audience simply admired the splendid forms of the wife of rapper,
female — says “silicone” and “indecent kind mother and wife.”

However, such disputes takes place under almost every
photo of other celebrities, if
those posing in underwear or a bathing suit, showing off a flawless figure.

So, for example, recently fans did not appreciate the erotic photo shoot
Tatiana Kotova, which she posted on the web. Subscribers will page the singer
seriously scold her for her unseemly appearance and excessive frankness.

Djigan wife Oksana Samoilova

Photo: Instagram