Philip instills in children a love for animals

Филипп Киркоров прививает детям любовь к животным The singer told the son of Martin and daughter Alla-Victoria, with the Northern sea lion named Prince. The family went to the Moscow circus where the heirs of the stars saw the trainers feed the animal a fish and a beast makes sounds of appreciation.

      Popular singer Philip Kirkorov has arranged for the children a surprise. The star of the Russian pop scene drove Alla-Victoria and Martin in the Big Moscow circus. The heirs of the artist were able to meet one-year-old Northern sea lion Prince, who on Saturday was birthday. My impressions Kirkorov shared in the video from the circus, which posted in a microblog.

      “Had a really nice day today in the Circus on Vernadsky and celebrated a 1 year old sea lion, Prince Royal! Thank you Vasily Timchenko for a stunning attraction, and the cast of the new show “Messenger” at the circus under the leadership of Zapashny Brothers”, signed movie Philip.

      Video posted by Philip (@fkirkorov) 2 Jul 2016 11:30 PDT

      In the video, hear the artist admires the sea lions. Through the bars of the cells to a man with children is watching how the animal asks of the trainer Vasily Timchenko fish, and then willingly eat it. The circus worker said that sea lions are not very trusting and not afraid. However, the singer managed to Pat the birthday of the Prince. The heirs Kirkorov was afraid to come close to the cage with the animal, although it was evident how they want to feed the inhabitants of the circus.

      A little clip with the participation of children and sea lions caused a laudatory reaction from the followers of Philip. “You’re awesome dad!”, “Such a cool, funny,” wrote the followers of a famous singer in the comments. However, among fans of Kirkorov there were those who felt that keeping animals in the circus is inhumane, cruel and inhuman, sea lions better to live in their natural habitat.

      By the way, the culprit of the celebration Prince first started working at the arena when he was a year old. In the room with the newcomer was attended by three sea lions from the attraction of “Sea animals”, which is conducted under the supervision of Vasily Timchenko. The lineup of artists was the mother of Prince nick and his brother Oscar. He year-old sea lion was frightened in the hall, so confused his nightstand and climbed onto the one where sat his mother. After much persuasion trainers Prince still gave in and climbed on their own pedestal to the delight of the audience.