Philip can’t get married because of Pugacheva

Филипп Киркоров не может жениться из-за Пугачёвой

On his birthday, Philip said that after the divorce with Alla Pugacheva never found someone he wanted them to grow old together.
In a Frank interview, the singer admitted that consciously was not looking for a mate, because I knew that no one can be better than his first wife.

“The Queen is very difficult to find a second. Still no one would compete and compare. I decided it was better to be alone than with just anyone” — said Philip Bedrosovich in the program “Personal” on channel Russia 1.
Your consolation Kirkorov found in children, although it is recognized that the loneliness never bothered him, and even on the contrary – helped to focus on creativity.
“When I passed forty, I began to think about something else besides music,” said singer. This year its 49th anniversary Philip celebrated at home with children Martin and Alla-Victoria. But the next year in honor of the fiftieth anniversary of the artist scheduled a series of events, including concerts in the Kremlin Palace.