Paul Will have decided to fight with Miguel

Павел Воля решил подраться с Мигелем Resident of Comedy Club struck his wife and other guests of the party project “the Dance” for his ability to move to the music. It turned out that Will Paul has great technique, is comparable to the skill of Miguel, one of the mentors of the project.


    Павел Воля решил подраться с Мигелем

    TV presenter and professional dancer decided to find out who is the better dancer. As it turned out, Paul Will not inferior to Miguel in technique, pattern and traffic movements.

    Battle between television celebrities, occurred at a party to mark the end of filming of the program. Resident of Comedy Club looked for a visit to colleagues to visit his wife, the TV presenter and athlete Laysan Utiasheva, which is leading the project “Dancing” on TNT. Razveselili, Paul decided to pick a fight with one of the mentors of the project — with Miguel. However, the battle was not with their fists, and dance. Unusual video of the fight posted wife Will Laysan.

    The video shows that Miguel and Will move almost synchronously. The party attendees actively supported the dancers by shouting and whistling. At the end of the video, someone of the guests decided to ask the opinion of Utyasheva. “This is the best battle?”, — appealed to the athlete. “Yes,” promptly replied Rosie.

    This from the resident Comedy Club was not expected, because broadcast TV Paul prefers to joke more than dance, and if the audience shows some movement, it is only for a laugh. Many remember the miniature showman, in which he talks about something, for example, that people in clubs can’t dance. During this presentation, Paul demonstrated the different techniques of dancing that can be seen in the popular night clubs, and also gave them funny comments.

    In interviews, Paul Will often say that he started to play sports thanks to my wife, honored master of sports in rhythmic gymnastics. In other words, it is difficult to completely ignore physical activity when you have such a spouse. Paul also admitted that he tries to eat right, doing exercises every day and completely gave up alcohol. Except that sometimes he allows himself to enjoy a glass of wine with dinner. Will prefer to train on the bar, do chin-UPS and push-UPS. Through these exercises, he keeps himself in good shape.

    As for the wife of Paul, it is, by his own admission, did not quit training after he retired from the sport. Utyasheva still doing gymnastics, and leads an active lifestyle. Eat a balanced beauty tries. Her family does not eat fried foods, Rosie is also trying to limit the consumption of various bakery products and mayonnaise.