Olga Shelest refused to veganism

Ольга Шелест отказалась от веганства
The presenter went out of your way for the sake of the daughters.

“Only a strong decision to change the power mode will make your pounds disappear forever

Photo: PersonaStars.com

Olga Shelest explained why a few years ago refused to veganism. This decision
the presenter took after was born her eldest daughter Muse. To
this time, the star should strictly abide by the basic principles of this image
life: to eat only foods of plant origin.

Views Olga has changed due to doctor’s recommendations. About
the Rustle told on the page of your mircoblog.

“It’s important to understand all
very individual, and my case can not serve as an example for all!
Before making decisions regarding diet during child-bearing
consult your doctor, and even with several! I spent my first pregnancy took place a vegan, I came across
adequate doctors, no one “harasses” me with dire consequences! I even
not prescribed additional vitamins, also complex that I have
took. I felt good, worked, traveled, about toxicosis
not heard and gave birth to a healthy baby girl. And here is my vegan life
came to an end.

Understand me, only those who from birth, raising a child by myself,
without the help of grandparents and nannies. It’s not easy, but very interesting. Time, of course,
on what is missing, as if you’re trying to organize it. And between my
sleep, diapers, feedings, work no longer had any seconds to
make yourself a complete vegan food, balanced and nutritious or
is at least good. So I added to your diet milk and eggs. So now
I’m a vegetarian that also does not adversely affect my health and
allows to cope with two children. Certainly for many, my refusal
veganism will be a disappointment. I apologize for that, but at the moment I
listen to your body and understand that otherwise is impossible. Second, vegetarian,
the pregnancy was perfect and as a result healthy fun plump
baby. All those concerned with the question of vegetarianism during your pregnancy:
just listen to your body and if it needs something, give it to him!
Whether it’s giving up meat or Vice versa the desire to eat a juicy steak. God, I do not
believe I’m saying this! Don’t force yourself to have that power and not
forbid yourself that which is required by the body, just for the sake of principles.
Pregnancy is not the time for heroism.”

By the way, both daughters of the stars were on the chest
feeding. As Olga says, milk was more than enough.