Olga Romanovskaya exposed himself to the penalty

Ольга Романовская подвергла себя экзекуции
Host of the program “Revizorro” on the channel “Friday!” unsuccessfully experimented with their own appearance.

Olga Romanovskaya

Photo: photo from personal archive

Education Olga Romanovskaya artist, so have always strived for creative expression. Before she left the house
without a bright make. And in recent years began to wonder what she is seeing professional makeup artists. “I seldom interfere in their work. As a rule,
work with masters of their craft, they make everything beautiful, and most importantly, in their own way.
Why do I need uniform makeover? I’m all for experiments!”, — told 7days.ru host of the program “Revizorro”.

One of the failed experiments over the exterior now looks
anecdotal, but then Romanov was not amused. “Once
I woke up with the obsessive idea to become a blonde,— says Olga. Twelve
hours we with the master tortured each other. I left tired, angry, and… yellow, here
just like dandelion! I was stopped for speeding, but, glancing at
to my right, then my angry face with bright yellow hair, even
was not fined. The police barely restrained laughter. The next day I again
subjected to the head executions. More successfully. The master said that any other already
would be bald and my hair in a week felt great! I care for them is simple: always use the dryer,
often use flat irons. Before drying the paint protection. Well nutritious oil and
ampoules for hair growth in the last two years my constant companions”.

To experiment with the plastic surgeon said too is positive. “When the girl self-confidence have a flat chest
to turn in a neat “two”, then why not? Another thing is that after
beyond the breast begin to grow lips, ass… “Stop” time does not work, that’s what
snag. In the end, all girls, even pretty (if you’re lucky), completely
do not differ from each other. Therefore, I am for reasonable plastic. As for
injections, I have tried hyaluronic acid, and different meso – and vitamin complexes.

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