Olga Romanovskaya excited fans bed photo with husband

Ольга Романовская взбудоражила фанатов постельным фото с мужем Leading “Revizorro” on a regular basis puts in his microblog candid shots that can become a cause of debate among her fans. Most recently, the star revealed to fans how she and her husband prepare for bed. Some subscribers Romanovskoj condemned the act stars.

      Ольга Романовская взбудоражила фанатов постельным фото с мужем

      30-year-old ex-participant of group “VIA Gra” and the new host of the program “Revizorro” Olga Romanovskaya recently shared with his fans quite the intimate photo with her husband — businessman Andrey. Her Olga is in an ambiguous position: the star, dressed perhaps only in a light combination, sits on the lap of her husband, which her slightly prinimaet. The picture was taken on Friday evening in the apartment of the couple. “Sleep!” — such a word signed his star.

      Fans of the Romanov made a vigorous discussion of pictures of her with her lover. According to some of them, Olga shouldn’t have put her on display, as these pictures are suitable only for home archive. “You are very beautiful girl, but some are not worthy of a photo spread,” wrote one of the fans of Olga. However, other subscribers celebrity replied to her. “What’s indecent? Wife, mother of two children, sitting on the lap of their mother’s husband? Obscene would be if someone else’s husband was sitting,” they were in the protection of the stars.

      Ольга Романовская взбудоражила фанатов постельным фото с мужем

      However, most of the subscribers of the blog the presenter agreed that Olga looks amazing and the picture turned out to be extremely good and emotional. “Great, “Olga, you’re a fire”, “Very sexy”, “Be happy and turn a deaf ear to the words envious and ill-mannered people”, “Beautiful”, “domestic”, — expressed his opinion of the fans of the Romanov.

      Earlier Olga said on social networks that her husband criticizes her for candid photos. According to the woman, he supports her in all endeavors. She also admitted that Andrey Romanovskiy he takes his sweetheart in explicit poses, and after helping her to choose a photo to “Instagram”.

      Husband of Olga Romanov allows her to be naked in public

      We will remind that Olga is married to businessman Andrei Romanov for several years now. The couple registered their marriage in the spring of 2007. In connection with her pregnancy, the singer left the band “VIA gra”, where she replaced the Hope Granovsky. In September of that year, the actress gave birth to an adorable son named Maxim. Olga and her husband raise not only a child but also my son Andrew from a previous marriage of Oleg.