Olga Buzova spoke of the special love

Ольга Бузова заговорила об особой любви Famous TV presenter shared with subscribers of his microblog wise thoughts and experience. Very soon Olga Buzova will release a book that will tell you in detail how to find happiness and harmony.

      Ольга Бузова заговорила об особой любви

      Known TV presenter Olga Buzova wants to teach his fans to be happy. Now the star is working on a book, in which it will give real emotions, will tell you what helped her to cope with difficulties and explain how to love yourself. Olga Buzova can no longer remain silent

      According to the presenter, her work will be released this summer. “I made the book so striking, that it is similar to talking about intimate with a close friend after a long separation”, announced his next novel Buzova. Besides, the famous blonde got in Instagram section for members where they can discuss issues they care about: relationships, love, diet, and more.

      Olga believes that the secret to happiness is to love yourself. This feeling helps the woman to always be healthy, happy, beautiful and desirable.

      “Self love is not selfishness and not for life and for yourself. Love of self is natural, joyful, conscious, daily self-care, your body, mind, soul and spirit. A healthy body gives a healthy mind and Vice versa. It is important to love yourself and not be selfish, consumed with themselves, and forget about those who are near. This behavior has nothing to do with love” – says Buzova in his book.
      Ольга Бузова заговорила об особой любви

      In the first part of his masterpiece Olga describes in detail why women have to learn to love myself. If the girl is unhappy, she will alienate men. To achieve harmony, you need to invest sincere forces and to spend a great job over the inner world and the outer shell.

      “Love of self begins with your desire to do better, to grow, to take care of yourself, exercise, do everything to preserve and increase its beauty, even if it seems that there are no conditions”, – says Olga.

      Leading “House-2” admitted that for a long time lived in harmony and trying to understand the inner world. When Buzova saw its merits, her life became happier. After Olga was married to beloved Dmitry Tarasov, she realized that family life is also necessary to create a special atmosphere, to be happy.

      “We’re just over these relations work, each time conquering each other again and again, organize each other surprises, give great attention to detail. All mutually – today I prepare a romantic dime, and tomorrow I’m his Princess, bride, goddess. We have a date as the first. Recently caught myself thinking that this feeling is not gone – just like in the beginning of our relationship. My husband and I are very sensitive to each other are stored our feeling, preserve it. Sure – if people want to have them in the family was peace and love, they will achieve. And no matter how many years they’ve been together,” explained Buzova.