Nude Ekaterina Klimova showed rounded belly

Обнаженная Екатерина Климова показала округлившийся живот
The actress celebrated mother’s Day by the publication of explicit photos.

Ekaterina Klimova

Photo: @klimovagram Instagram Ekaterina Klimova

Ekaterina Klimova once again confirmed its title of the most “sexy mothers with many children”. Today, the actress has published online a candid snapshot, where poses absolutely naked. The frame was made during the fourth pregnancy of the actress.

“I’m 37, and we with Bella for about 5 months. We don’t know. I don’t know what color her eyes are ,haven’t heard her smell and voice. A lot of fears and worries but the faith that everything will be fine, stronger!” — shared memories of Catherine.

Bold photo the actress posted on social networks in honor of mother’s Day, which was celebrated across the country yesterday. Interestingly, Klimov in order to avoid provocations on the part of the haters have deprived fans of the opportunity to leave comments under the post. Probably the frame is Catherine’s very personal, so she doesn’t want to read negative detractors.

Meanwhile, the daughter Klimova — Bella was two years. Recently, Catherine showed the grown girl in his microblog.