Not The Blank! Stotsky first showed her baby’s father.

Не Киркоров! Стоцкая впервые показала отца своего ребенка

The singer has definitively debunked the myth of the son of the king of the Russian platform.

For several years, Anastasia Stotskaya tries in vain to convince the public that her son has no family ties with Philip Kirkorov. But still there are those who do not believe the words of the singer. It was too similar to her 5-year-old Sasha is the son of the king of pop Martin. Just one person. The same black hair, huge brown eyes, big lips. Apparently, to get rid of buzz once and for all, Anastasia decided to show people who really like her offspring. And first showed Sasha’s father.

On his page in the social network she posted the video from the celebration of the 5th anniversary of son. Judging by the roller, the celebration was a success: hundreds of balloons, animators in costumes of transformers, tons of presents and mountains of sweets for the happiness of the child? However, fans of the singer were surprised not so much the scope of children’s activities, how the unfamiliar man next to the hero of the occasion. A birthday cake made… brunette with brown eyes. And it was not Philip, but the real boy’s father, restaurateur Sergey. After subscribers Stotsky saw the face of her husband, questions about paternity no longer arose. Sasha is very similar to the Pope. A similarity with Martin, apparently, nothing more than an entertaining joke of nature.

@dasha_zamorskaya my dear, thanks for the video with the birth of maliseet memory for life. And again thank you for an amazing party @lobacheva_project

Video posted by Anastasia (@100tskaya) Jul 25 2016 at 6:50 PM PDT

“Looks Alexander like his father, the same black and karapataki and very small, – says Anastasia. And Kirkorov, as they like to noted journalists. Remember, we were going with his son on birthday to the son of Philip, I showed a photo of Sasha Martin. Asked: “Who is it?” Sasha says: “I am”. We then had a good laugh. The thing is that my husband and Philipp, both of East handsome, brown-eyed brunettes. Besides, I repeatedly said that I looked like our common acquaintances had found a similarity with Philip. All this was reflected in the son. But kids grow quickly and change.”