Nice: destroyed Paradise

Ницца: разрушенный рай recalls the films, the main character which was the capital of the côte d’azur.

Ницца: разрушенный рай


This city, named after the goddess of victory, Nike is not just one of the many resorts in the Mediterranean. Once a military fortress, trading harbour, a semi-abandoned village that survived periods of prosperity and decline in the twentieth century, nice has become the abode of the stars, a symbol of success, how to understand modern society: blue sea, red wine and a drop of luxurious Vice and idleness, which so convincingly sang the heroine of Francoise Sagan. French art of the “new wave”, and then Hollywood turned nice even in a huge Studio under the open sky in a full-fledged heroine of many films, books, songs.

It is on the Cote d’azur “God created woman, Roger Vadim, Brigitte Bardot. Here françoise Sagan mouth young Cecily for the first time said “Hello, sadness”. Came here to heal the wounds of heart Edith Piaf. Here rattled the party of young The Rolling Stones, and here after half a century the rebels of the 60s are coming back to meet his not so quiet old age. Bono, Elton John, Tina Turner — list celebrities living in nice and the surrounding area very long.

Let us remember a favorite movie, which takes place in nice. Whether it’s Comedy or drama, nice always spoke to them in a role that suits her the most – as a small Paradise on earth.

“Who is who?” (1979)

Ницца: разрушенный рай

Photo: still from the film

Paris Commissioner Stanislas Borowitz (Jean-Paul Belmondo) arrives in nice to deal with corrupt local police. Criminal history, which adorn not only the views of the Cote d’azur, but Marie Laforêt with French charming love line, as well as sparkling game Belmondo and Michel Bahrain. The phrase “No need to be rude to strangers,” spoken by the voice of the legendary Alexander Beliavsky (he voiced this character Belmondo), a long time was in the Soviet Union that now would be called “meme”.

“The Transporter” (2002)

Ницца: разрушенный рай

Photo: still from the film

A former military man Frank Martin lives on the Cote d’azur and makes the transport of cargo. For Jason Statham, this film became the beginning of a great career: it was after the premiere of “Carrier” the term “typical Statham.” However, the film gives not only a manly jaw the main character, but chase shot with Hollywood scale and placed in the idyllic countryside of nice.

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