New video with Tom Hanks from the highly anticipated film based on the novel by Dan brown “Inferno”

Новое видео с Томом Хэнксом из долгожданного фильма по роману Дэна Брауна «Инферно»
Hero 59-year-old Hanks ‘ Professor Robert Langdon regains consciousness but loses memory. Fortunately the hero of “the da Vinci Code” and “Angels and Demons” comes to the aid of a young doctor…

Tom Hanks for the third time played a scientist, a history Professor
Robert Langdon in “Inferno” based on the novel of the famous author Dan brown. First
two thrillers – “the Da Vinci Code” (2006) and “Angels and demons” (2009) taken
based on brown’s bestseller by Director Ron Howard with Hanks in
the title role was greeted by the audience with great enthusiasm. And brought and
the writer and Director (and an Oscar winner for the film “mind Games” with Jennifer Connelly and Russell Crowe) and Hanks more
great fame and popularity. (By the way, in the super popular “the Da Vinci Code” partner Hanks was British actor Paul Bettany, husband of Jennifer Connelly).

In the new project hero Hanks Robert Langdon wakes up in a
the hospital of Florence in Italy. But, alas, he has amnesia. The scientist who was studying
terrible secrets of the past related to many intriguing and exciting detective stories in the present, comes to the help of doctor Sienna
Brooks (played by actress felicity Jones). She embarks with him, suddenly become helpless, in a dangerous
travel across Europe in hopes to not only help him regain his memory and to awaken
memories, but also for the course as usual devilishly twisted plot unravel
another mystery. Yes difficult. This mystery has roots in the very distant
the past, the bold and sends a couple to “Hell” (translated this is the Inferno, the first part
the famous “divine Comedy” of Dante. But the answer is incredibly complicated
events and complex characters helps to reveal a worldwide conspiracy and stop the attackers
whose intention was the spread of the deadly virus.

Tom Hanks with the great pleasure agreed to play
Langdon. For any actor to bring to life a character suffering from amnesia,
big acting success. “I have no answers to any questions! Great
the opportunity to test themselves in the acting field. Indeed, in contrast to Robert
Langdon of the last two paintings I am no longer the self-confident and smarmy-suave

As is usually the case with successful movies, create
their subsequent series associated with intrigues, vagaries of actors and Directors, and the studios. Not spared this “tradition” and “Inferno”. The fact that it is –
the fourth novel by Dan brown. But from the beginning it was planned to make a film on it
the third book “the Lost symbol”. But Director Ron Howard didn’t want to go back
to the novels of brown’s Professor Robert Langdon. He decided to stay in the creative
the team of the film “the Lost symbol” only as a producer. The Director was
appointed mark Romanek, although again the main role went to Tom Hanks. Brown
meanwhile – during all these negotiations and sign contracts – have released
the fourth novel titled “Inferno” (2013). And then the Studio put the project
“The lost symbol” on the shelf, justifying their decision by the alleged similarity of his
the plot and General idea from adventure movie John Turteltaub “Treasure
of the nation” (2004). And instead of this picture, the producers want to immediately “jump” to
the fourth novel by brown’s “Inferno” – also, of course,
Hanks in the title role. Directing the film “Inferno” was persuaded to take on Ron Howard.
As for the film adaptation of “the Lost symbol”, this project is
in limbo, and its fate is unknown.

The film company “Sony Pictures has scheduled the release of the film
“Inferno” on 18 December 2015. But later it became known that on December 14, 2015
year the screens will be released “Star wars: the force Awakening” with Harrison Ford, and the premiere of “Inferno”
was postponed for almost a year, in October 2016. It seems that the Studio is not
lost, decided to postpone the release, not to engage in competition with the new
the long-awaited episode of “Star wars”, which had great success among the audience in
all over the world. In General, it is worth noting that
choosing the “right time” for the release of any film, especially
big budget, to hire one of the most complex and serious tasks
facing the Hollywood bosses. And this decision is often
the key to success or failure. In Hollywood know that it is easier to find the money and take off
the biggest blockbuster than to calculate and to obtain the necessary rights to it
release in the same one and only day of the year.

During filming, the working title of the film was “Headache”
perhaps because of a concussion, which Robert Langdon got in the beginning
of the events described. But most likely out of fear that the word “hell” is
look and sound too depressing, and for many, unclear. And even more,
not all viewers will be able to see the connection between “divine Comedy” and
Dante. But towards the end of the main shooting process decided to take a chance and leave the Thriller original title of the novel of Dan brown “Inferno”.

The film leaves in the Russian hire on October 13, 2016.