New hair color Nyusha has caused discussion in the Network

Новый цвет волос Нюши вызвал обсуждения в Сети Fans argue about the image of the singer. Nyusha demonstrated in the picture red curls. The army of fans is divided into those who believe that the artist still dyed, but others believe that it is either the filters or the wig.

      Новый цвет волос Нюши вызвал обсуждения в Сети

      With the arrival of warm days, many ladies seek to bring something new to your image. And most of the girls in the spring dare to change your hairstyle and dye your hair another color. Thus, the popular singer Nyusha, apparently, also decided to experiment with looks. She surprised fans the fact that the photograph showed a rather surprising shade of hair. In the picture Nyusha appeared with red curls. This bold step aroused heated discussions of fans of the young pop singer. They began to argue whether Nyusha repainted in a different color, or is it just the wig, or maybe the artist just used the various filters in the processing of the pictures. But anyway, the followers could not remain indifferent to the external appearance of a favorite actress.

      “It’s probably a wig. I think so,” “It’s Nude, but it seems to me, is the effect this”, “This is Nyusha probably start to make a video. The clip was painted, probably!”, “Nyusha is that? Did you do that? Can’t be cool, I hope this won’t take long to paint”, “Unusual. But you go with it. Put a photo in full growth, please,” excitedly commented on the fans and could not come to a consensus whether Nyusha changed your hair color.

      The singer does not seek to reveal all the secrets and continues to intrigue the subscribers not answering comments and not posting photos in a new way.

      Not so long ago, fans of the popular singer were seriously concerned about the state of her health. It became known that from-for excessive loadings Nyusha began to complain of back pain. It is no secret that a busy tour schedule, dancing during performances, often in high heels, and the constant rehearsals the performer does not leave a single minute to relax. Experts have advised the girl to undergo the necessary treatment, so as not to aggravate the situation. But representatives of the actress said that her health is not threatened, and therefore, the tour will proceed according to plan. Thus, Nyusha will please all fans of her work outstanding performances during the big tour, which will last until July.