Natalia Vodianova showed the face of a newborn son

Наталья Водянова впервые показала лицо новорожденного сына
The touched fans of the model.

Natalia Vodianova with son Roman


In the network appeared the first
the newborn son of Natalia Vodianova, on which the first
to see the baby’s face. Photography that captures the model gently kissing
his son, Roman, came in his sister Natalia — Kristina

The hearts of fans Vodianova
instantly melted after seeing the picture. Special poignancy pictures
adds her signature: “Daisy, Boo, bugger!” Many fans agreed on
the opinion that an incredibly gentle frame from the family archive of the model is one of the most “perfect”
pictures mother with a newborn baby.

Meanwhile, Natalia, gave birth to fifth child in early June, has managed to get back to work. At the time when the first model took to the runway after giving birth, it took only three weeks. The Russian model showed a slim and trim figure that does not gave out recently introduced a new status of Natalia. By the way, apparently, Vodianova decided to cut their maternity leave to the minimum amount and are ready to plunge into work.

However, Natalia and during pregnancy didn’t really let myself linger on the spot. She was involved in charity projects, took to the catwalk and continued to lead an active social life. However, she always managed to take care of their four children.