Natalia Vodianova and Antoine Arnault spend their holidays in Italy

Наталья Водянова и Антуан Арно проводят каникулы в Италии
A supermodel and her spouse have the opportunity to rest for a few days.

Наталья Водянова и Антуан Арно проводят каникулы в Италии

Natalia Vodianova

Photo: Instagram

Natalia Vodianova and her husband, billionaire Antoine Arnault, has managed
found in the restart schedule for a few days and went
relax in one of my favorite European countries — Italy. This holiday supermodel earned, because
the last week she has been extremely busy. Natalia shone on the Week
fashion in Paris, visiting all the most famous fashion shows and social events. Because of this
im with Antoine failed “day to day” to celebrate the sixth anniversary
joint life. Now they have the opportunity to catch up.

journalists did not ask Vodianova questions about the wedding — in France, where he now lives
the model is considered insensitive. In Russia she had to meet
the interest of fans. Indeed, in a civil marriage to a supermodel with Antoine
Arno was born two kids already, and the wedding was out of the question! Natalia references
lack of time: “I spend so much energy on the organization of charity balls,
auctions and other events related to the work of my Foundation “Nude
the heart”! Even scary to imagine how much you need to spend energy and
time to organize our wedding! Very heavy work. (Laughs.) I
want everything to be beautiful. Not just the ceremony should be, and really
beautiful, solemn and touching wedding. And to all the many
family and friends enough attention, slowly consider all the details. A long time could
would just sign it, but Antoine wants everything to be for real, so I
in a white dress…”

there is another reason why the wedding is being postponed. Natalia is very
afraid to jinx his luck. “We are with Antoine very well together. And every day
all better. Better than it was six years ago. And, in fact, of course, we don’t
free. We are husband and wife. Scared to change even a small thing… And here — wedding…
Especially when I got burned once… And suddenly something will change for the worse?
But of course, sooner or later we’ll get married. If, God forbid, something happens,
we owe, including for children and for each other, have the official right
to make important decisions. But while it is not very important. Now I do not want
to touch something so marvelous works.”

Natalia Vodianova with husband Antoine Arnault

Photo: Instagram