Natalia Sturm staged a “naked” swim

Наталья Штурм устроила «голый» заплыв The singer spent time in Bulgaria and is shared with fans the joy. Every day she puts the photos in the Nude and gets hundreds of “likes” in response. Natalia Assault are not confused even caustic comments.
Наталья Штурм устроила «голый» заплыв

51-year-old singer and writer Natalya Storm blew up again the Network of photos in style “a nu”. This time, the eccentric lady demonstrated a curvy shape, while on holiday in Bulgaria. The star did not hesitate to publicly bare in the pool and shown around the gorgeous figure.

Seeing naughty pictures, fans of the Assault were divided into two camps. Someone thinks the singer has something to boast of and maintains its zeal to show its advantages. Others, however, do not understand the boldness of stars and point to her “advanced age.”

“OOO! Why? To his old ways?”, “A goddess!”, “If the Breasts were natural, she could be bragging. And all looks good, Yes, at any cost to attract attention… was a better opinion of you. And it’s mom underage son!”, “Natalia, don’t listen to anybody! Envious and spiteful critics. You look beautiful, and most importantly. And those who have nothing to show or they are just bigots, even if silent and jealous” – written by the subscribers.

Very Natalia Shturm negative comments don’t care. She continues to take candid photos and even more angry followers. Recall that the singer is not the first time attracts attention because of her sexy pictures. In early June, on holiday in Spain, the actress posted a photo Topless. Then the fans admired this picture, and they agreed that it is impossible to hide such beauty.

Singer Natalia Shturm famous with the hit “high School romance” which blew up all the dance floors in the second half of the 90s. Just on account of the singer four albums. The last to date album of the artist published in 2002. It was called “Mirror of love”. Then came the eponymous video of the singer with Andrey Sokolov.

At the moment Natalia practically engaged in musical activity. Sometimes she stands on the retro concerts but the new songs no longer writes. Apparently, the artist decided to focus on writing books. Among the works, the storming of the novels “the School of strict regime, or Love colors of youth”, “All shades of pain” and “Sun in parentheses”.