Natalia Sturm affair with a young foreigner

У Натальи Штурм роман с молодым иностранцем

Once a famous Russian singer Natalia Shturm, the singer of the hit 90s “School novel”, said in a recent interview about how her life without music.

Unlike many celebrities, the loss of the viewer which becomes a real life tragedy, Natalia lost no optimism, no luck. The actress said that over the years without a stage, managed to write five books, mastered the business, gave birth to and raised a son and a daughter. Storm told me that she was at the time really helped mom, which she is very grateful for that. Personal life Natalia also everything is wonderful – she has a young man, and young in the literal sense of the word.
“My young man 33 years old. It’s easy for me with this generation because they are easier to relate to life. I am just become close to them. If something bad is happening, I’m trying to quickly solve all the problems and forget everything as soon as possible, not hold a grudge, not to pull trouble behind him” — said the artist. About the chosen one Storm little is known. His name is Tigran, and he is from Amsterdam and seventeen years younger than his passions.