Mother Zhanna Friske for the first time spoke about the missing millions

Мама Жанны Фриске впервые заговорила о пропавших миллионах Olga for a long time was silent. The scandal which has inflamed from-for collected for treatment Janna Friske money, affected the mental state of her mother. The woman is hard to endure the attacks on her family.

      Мама Жанны Фриске впервые заговорила о пропавших миллионах

      The family of the singer won’t leave alone: they are waiting for the determination of order of communication with a three-year Plato, decisions regarding inheritance, and last week added to this story about money allegedly missing from the account of Joan. April 26, the lawyer Alexander Dobrovinsky in the social network has announced that soon we will know what happened to the 20 million remaining from the amount that “Rusfond collected for treatment Friske.

      Star lawyer: Soon everyone will know who “stole” 20 million collected for Zhanna Friske

      “Some money disappeared from the account a few weeks before the death of little Jeanne. But will suffer if these rascals punished,” wrote the lawyer, and then deleted the message. Soon, the network appeared the copy of extract from the account of the singer in “ROSBANK”. According to the documents, the only person the singer trusted to manage your money, was her mother.

      “And now you accuse me, – has shared with “StarHit” Olga Friske. – And then who? Dogs?” After the incident, Olga Vladimirovna is in a state of shock, feeling bad.

      Mother Zhanna Friske: life for the family

      “Mom highly experienced, – said Natalya Friske. – Data statements already in any gate do not climb. We literally attack from all sides”. These days Olga spouse supports Friske Vladimir Borisovich. Together with the lawyers he has already started gathering the necessary evidence to dot the “i”.

      “Dmitry Shepelev came into the inheritance as a legal guardian of Plato, – told the “StarHit” the family’s lawyer and shared his version of the events. – Quite possibly, it’s in the Bank got information about the accounts of Joan. But it is still early about something to speak, there is no evidence that these are missing money and what they starred. Strange, why silent “Rusfond” and does not provide the documents on the accounts, which were not two, but much more? To blame something Olga Friske – it is beyond good and evil”.

      Thursday in the Khamovniki court held a session concerning the determination of order of communication with Plato. According to the family’s lawyer, Vladimir Friske provided references that showed that he was healthy physically and mentally. However, the trial was rescheduled for June.