Mother Zhanna Friske commented on the rumors about the kidnapping of the daughter money

Мама Жанны Фриске прокомментировала слухи о похищении денег дочери

The mother of the deceased singer Zhanna Friske Olga denied any involvement in the disappearance of huge sums of money in the amount of 21 million rubles, collected and caring people with the help of Respond. Moreover, even rumors of this have caused women a shock. Husband of Olga Vladimir Kopylov already collecting documents to prove the innocence of his family to the money charity.

“And now I’m accused of. And then whom? Dogs?” — troubled mom of actress.

The long-suffering lawyer of the family of the singer reminded everyone one more time that custody of the little son of Joan Plato became the civil husband of the singer Dmitry Shepelev. According to the lawyer, the latter was able to access the accounts of Joan.
“It is too early to talk about it, the evidence we have. We don’t know what we are talking about those missing amounts, about which all speak. It is strange that the representatives of the Rusfond are silent and do not provide the documents on the accounts of Joan, which was not two, and much more. I’m sorry, but blame Olga’s embezzlement sick daughter – has beyond good and evil” — said the lawyer.
Recall that twenty million rubles, which all argue is personal savings of the family, and not the donations of caring, a charitable Foundation.