Mom Glyuk’oza in swimsuit became a subject of discussion

Мама Глюк'oZы в купальнике стала предметом обсуждений A woman’s figure looks great. Glyuk’oza admitted that he was proud of his mother. The star told fans how Tatiana manages to look flawless. Her main helpers are diet and sport.

      Мама Глюк'oZы в купальнике стала предметом обсуждений

      Natalia Ionova delights fans flawless figure. The star for many years engaged in yoga and lead a healthy lifestyle. It turns out that she has someone to look up to. Mom Glyuk’oza, Tatiana also has excellent forms. The singer proudly posted on his page in Instagram photo of her, adding that her beauty secret in diet and sport.

      “So, while Faith tells her grandmother how to pose, I’ll tell you how not to look like a grandma. Mammy mine! Three workouts a week, healthy eating and always loved dad. How do you like this scheme? Proud Mammy,” wrote Natalia.

      “Grandma dreams! Good that there are such women, “wow, grandma! Now there is hope that after forty-five years the beauty and the figure exists,” “That’s clear where Natalia has such a figure! Motivation – mother”, “Genes, I believe, nothing to do with it! If only a genetic love of the sport and proper nutrition. Any person who plays sports and eats right can look like this”, “is It mom? As the older sister! Looks gorgeous,” expressed their delight fans of the stars.
      Мама Глюк'oZы в купальнике стала предметом обсуждений

      Meanwhile, Gluk’oza often indulges fans own pictures in a swimsuit. However, not so long ago, she decided to go ahead and removed the top from a bikini. This photo spread around the Internet.

      In the picture Ionova posing almost Nude on the beach of a luxury hotel. Her bare chest covering for a flower garland, Hawaiian-style, and hip you can see the filament from melting. Needless to say that photo has caused a lot of compliments on the page by Natalia on Instagram.

      However, in the family of the singer is the person who does not approve of her candid shots. Alexander’s mother, mother-in-law Glyuk’oza, emotionally responds to the detailed actions of the bride.

      Mother-in-law Glyuk’oza not approve of her candid photos

      “It has a completely different perception of the world and it is not always clear why I post a particular photo. I remember that was the first time shooting for a glossy magazine: there I was, shall we say, not completely dressed. My mother in law almost fainted fell over when saw. But Sasha’s father was on my side, he looked at the situation more vividly,” recalled Ionova about the contradictions with the mother of Alexander.