Mom 10-year-old model was convicted of her daughter’s picture in underwear

Маму 10-летней модели осудили за фото дочери в нижнем белье

The mother of the young model Kristina Pimenova is doing everything to name her daughter sounded as loudly as possible. The girl has already called one of the most beautiful young models, but it seems the family is not enough. Through social media, glikeriya Shirokova (mother) celebrates the daughter, but her recent post provoked a storm of criticism. It happened due to the fact that a published picture of Kristina was pictured in a swimsuit, so that was naked most of her body.

Subscribers account Pimenova immediately began to sound the alarm and insist that my mom deleted this the daughter, because it may encourage unhealthy imagination of Internet users with certain disabilities.

“When her mother publishes such pictures, although she wonders how many pedophiles around?”, “The wealth and money of the station with respect to this will not give you happiness! And the more the child! Let her live a normal life do not ruin. Shooting all the covers of magazines it’s not normal(just words just can not convey. Beautiful baby let those with this beauty then you just ruin lives and spoil the child life!” “That’s terrible! How can you publish such things”, “Horror”, “There is nothing to publish child in a regular swimsuit, but Christina looks very thin,” said a disgruntled followers.

What do you think, is there reason to condemn the actions of the mother?