Megan Fox refuses Nude scenes in movie

Меган Фокс откажется от эротических сцен в кино

The ranks of fans of Megan Fox can significantly poredet, and it’s not that the actress is now five minutes to a mother of three children, and the fact that the artist refuses to continue to participate in explicit scenes. The once sex symbol of Hollywood decided thus to protect the psyche of their children that can see her on the screen.

“For children is always a shock to see on the screen own mother. But if it will still be scenes of erotic content? I don’t know whether to draw the line between art and reality,” said Megan.
Fox speaks not only for herself, she believes that this is an issue for all mothers in film.
“You can, of course, to say that, well, I was just doing my job, but life often blurs the lines between professional and personal life of the actress” told Megan. According to the actress, the audience puts pressure even on those women who dress up in revealing outfits. They are called “pity the psyche of their children”, “not ashamed of the family”, to “cover the shame”. The only one to stand up n protect such women – feminist movement advocating for women’s right to decide what to go.
If the Directors and producers do not go to meet Megan and will not save her from the sex scenes, the woman is ready to leave the cinema forever.