Maxim Galkin told about the favorite songs of children

Максим Галкин рассказал о любимых песнях детей The comedian surprised by the choice of Lisa and Harry. Maxim Galkin tries as much as possible to heirs. Now the whole family Diva left for the summer season in one of the most luxury villas of Jurmala.

      Максим Галкин рассказал о любимых песнях детей

      Almost three years ago in the life of Alla Pugacheva and Maxim Galkin has been a truly happy event. In their family were born charming heirs – son, Gary and daughter Lisa. Any appearance kids star couple tenderness all fans of artists. Now the kids have already started to show their talents, and, of course, the first success in musical terms – the children enjoy singing. However, the choice of songs was a bit unexpected for Maxim Galkin. Daughter Pugacheva and Galkin debuted as a singer

      “Lisa was here the other day surprised us. Babysitter takes her in a wheelchair, and she suddenly the whole street began to sing: “ride, ride, you know so much about my life difficult…” How did she know this song? And Garik loves to sing “Clouds, celestial horses, but here everything is clear – that we were taught”, – said the showman.

      Recall from the beginning of the summer the Diva is resting on the Baltic coast with her husband and children Lisa and Harry. Maxim and Alla’s rented for the summer season one of the most luxurious mansions in Jurmala, where they enjoy the solitude in the shade of ancient trees. It is noteworthy that the city Pugacheva and Galkin walk without protection. They easily can be found among the tourists on the promenade or in the store products.

      Maxima seen not just riding a bike, ” said “StarHit” Lana Kocher. – Stopped in the center, asked a photo for memory, and he hand shows: “I’m in a hurry, there’s my kids to go to them food!” Turn my head – really, a boy with a girl and two nannies from the Park “Legend” on the coast heading our way. But the we did, after which I invited Maxim to your optician promised to go, choose points”.

      Galkin is trying to protect their heirs from watching TV. Instead, he comes up with various games for Harry and Lisa spends time with adorable children and protects them from negative information, the words of Maxim edition “Days.<url>.

      “And recently he suddenly began to depict the smoker takes a pencil in her mouth and smokes like. We with Alla was at a loss where he saw it? Alla never in front of the kids smoke, ” says Galkin. It turned out that the son saw it in the cartoon “Nu, pogodi!”, where the wolf almost did not part with his cigarette. But we try to limit their TV viewing – collect designers, concoction fun.