Margot Robbie has become the face of the new fragrance Calvin Klein euphoria deep

Марго Робби стала лицом нового аромата deep euphoria Calvin Klein

The actress starred in her first advertising campaign.

Recently it became known that Margot Robbie, 26-year-old owner of the award “Golden globe”, became the face of the new women’s fragrance, euphoria Calvin Klein deep. Sexy blonde was famous for roles in the acclaimed films “the Wolf of wall street” and “shorting”, but cooperation with Calvin Klein worked with fashion brands. Shooting her debut ad campaign was held in new York under the direction of star dream-team. Director Francis Lawrence, in his time, who shot the trilogy “the Hunger games” introduced Robbie to the image of the fatal temptress, immersed in the world of night fantasies, and the famous photographer Craig Mcdean captured her in an elegant evening dress from the latest collection of Calvin Klein.

“Margot Robbie is the embodiment of modern femininity, and we are sure that the aroma of deep euphoria, a person that she has become, will resonate with girls around the world”, – said Vice-President of global marketing for Calvin Klein Fragrances Vincent Brun. Official release of new products scheduled for the fall. Lifting the veil of secrecy, we say that the main note of the fragrance will be Askalon – a special substance that was created in the laboratories of the famous perfume house Firmenich. Molecules Escalona will give a deep euphoria deep sea sounding with a hint of seaweed, and dilute bouquet refreshing shipovye notes. Note that in the creation of the song took part of the cult perfumer Anna Gotlib, on whose account a lot of perfume bestsellers.